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Company Formation - UKcorporator provides the quickest, easiest automated way to register a company in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Incorporate your new company - limited company - automatically and electronically online 24/7, using our unique automated Question & Answer process, and immediately receive all the associated legally required documents including:

  • Memorandum of Association

  • Articles of Association

  • Company registers and all other legally required company formation documents

  • Document retention instructions, etc.

Triple award winning company formation system

UKcorporator uses a Triple Award Winning limited company registration and automated company formation agent system and Companies House registered software to create and make your company incorporation application online.

Established 2003

Start UKcorporator (to start a new company formation application, re-access previous inputs or simply to take a free test-drive).

Features and Benefits

  • 100% online process offered, so no need to send or receive anything by post

  • Free helpline (0800 028 4146) - full free telephone & email support available

  • Choose your own available company name - no need to buy a pre-named shelf company

  • Receive memorandum of association, articles of association and all other legally required documents in minutes for a competitive price - learn more - (accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB and Maestro)

  • No need to pre-register or login to form a company - start your company formation straight away!

  • Read our impressive company registration testimonials

How does UKcorporator work?

UKcorporator is different from other company formation websites which generally rely on the user completing a detailed form or series of forms. Instead, UKcorporator asks the user a series of discrete questions. The system is 'intelligent' in the sense that questions are determined having regard to the way the user has answered previous questions. In this way, the system avoids, where possible, asking questions which are not relevant to the user's particular circumstances. For example, if you have answered a question saying that you do not wish to have a company secretary (which, incidentally, is a very common choice) you will not be asked later to provide the name of the company secretary. It is very easy to step through the questions and it does not take long at all. There is guidance available on most of the pages via a hyperlink if you should ever happen to need it.

After you have stepped through the questions, you will be shown a summary of your answers and requested to confirm that the summary is correct. If the summary is incorrect, you may easily go back and change your answers. You will then be asked to pay via a highly secure RBSWorldpay credit card payment page. Immediately you have paid, a set of Adobe PDF documents will be made available electronically to you. These documents are already 'filled in' for you using the information you provided when you answered the questions and they consist of the documents you need for your new company. At this stage, UKcorporator will take over and deliver the incorporation application electronically to the government ('Companies House') on your behalf. This process normally takes just one business day. Once the company formation is complete, you will be notified by an email sending you the 'Certificate of Incorporation'.

"I only need the Memorandum and Articles of Association ..." - learn more.

Optional information gathering checklist for company formation.

Company formation and company registration system for any UK limited company including private limited companies - get a certificate of incorporation for a limited company as well as articles of association i.e. amended Table A, memorandum of association and other company formation documents for any such limited company including private limited companies, or Ltd companies as they are known. If you are setting up a UK company, or seeking a company formation agent, you may use this system as a complete company formation and company registration service. Suitable for any company structure or company structures. Also you can check company name availability online and available company names generally, and obtain free information on business name registration via our register business name information page as well as incorporate electronically.

Form a ready made English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish company being a private company limited by shares, but not an unlimited company, a public limited company, a private company limited by guarantee, an unlimited company with a share capital or an unlimited company without a share capital, but including memorandum of association and articles of association. UK law even allows you to incorporate a sole director, sole shareholder or sole member corporation.

As you are going through UKcorporator's interactive online interview process, you will have optional 'pop-up' guidance at your fingertips. Further, such guidance will be specifically tailored to the very issue you are then considering. The guidance is very detailed and clear and of a very high standard. Set out below are links (in no particular order) to samples of such guidance -

Elective resolutions (private companies)
Minutes of first meetings of directors
Appointment of a chairperson of the directors
Company seal
Director's interests in contracts
Directors' shareholdings in own company
Appointment of company auditors
Company name display requirements
Public company commencing business
Company formation configurations
Place of registered office
Registered office - 'England and Wales' or 'Wales'
Registered office
Private v Public Companies
Limited Liability v Unlimited Liability
Unlimited company - with or without share capital?
Limited by shares or limited by guarantee?
Exemption from use of 'limited' in company name
Form 12 declaration
Form 30(5)(a) declaration
Public company directors
Sole (company) director
Other (company) directorships
Registered office and principal office
Sole (company) member/director
Two (company) members/directors
Private company directors
Private company secretaries
Public company secretaries
Company Secretary
Members/shareholders (private company limited by shares or guarantee)
Members/Shareholders (public companies and unlimited liability companies)
Signing of Form 10 by initial member(s)/shareholder(s)
Share classes
Description of share classes
Nominal/par value per share
Premium (if any) payable per share
Company limited by guarantee - maximum amount of members' contribution
Different classes of members in companies limited by guarantee (with no share capital) and unlimited companies (with no share capital)
Cash consideration for shares
Consideration for subscriber shares in a public company
Fully paid / partly paid shares to be taken initially
Restriction applying to public companies issuing partly paid shares
The holding of subscriber shares in trust from the outset
UKcorporator's standard Declaration of Trust document
Objects clause and section 3a of the Companies Act 1985?
Legally required clauses included by UKcorporator in the memorandum of association of companies limited by guarantee
Company name endings
Choice of company name (is the use of the proposed company name prohibited or legally unsuitable for any reason?)
Use of symbols in company names
Upper and lower case letters in company names
Pre-emption provisions in articles of association
Company members / shareholders / owners
Authorised / nominal capital vs issued capital
£1 ordinary shares
'Table A' based articles of association with 'common enhancements'
No shares held on trust
Articles of association
Memorandum of association
Patent appeal

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