Appointment of a chairperson of the directors
The essential function of the chairperson is to preside at meetings of the directors.

Article 12 of the Model Articles of Association for Private Companies Limited by Shares (which commenced on 1 October 2009 and will apply to your company using UKcorporator) provides that the directors may appoint a director to chair their meetings and that the person so appointed for the time being is known as the chairman. Further, Article 12 provides that the directors may terminate the chairman’s appointment at any time and also that if the chairman is not participating in a directors’ meeting within ten minutes of the time at which it was to start, the participating directors must appoint one of themselves to chair it.

In the case of a small family company (e.g. husband and wife as the directors / members (shareholders)) the appointment of a chairperson is often dispensed with.
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