Name endings

As you have decided to form a private company limited by shares, this must be shown in the name ending. The two ways (i.e. formats) in which this can be included in the name ending are shown. Although the alternatives shown, make use of lower case letters, the practice of Companies House when issuing the Certificate of Incorporation (under section 15 of the Companies Act 2006) is to print the company name entirely in upper case letters.

There is no legal difference between each of these two formats. It is simply a matter of presentation. - i.e. how you would like the company's name to be presented on its Certificate of Incorporation. Further, even after the format has been chosen and appears on the Certificate of Incorporation, the company still has the flexibility to use the other format - section 59 and sections 82 to 85 inclusive of the Companies Act 2006. So, if 'Limited' is selected as the name ending, the company may use 'Ltd' if it wishes and, vice versa. Also, it is quite acceptable for the company to render its name using lower case letters e.g. if a company's name on its Certificate of Incorporation were shown as 'SMITH ENTERPRISES LIMITED' the company may use 'Smith Enterprises Limited'.

The Welsh equivalent of 'Limited' namely 'Cyfyngedig' and its abbreviation 'Cyf' are only available where the memorandum of association of the company will stipulate that the company's registered office is to be in Wales (as opposed to 'England and Wales' or 'Scotland').
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