Application by a public company for certificate to commence business

(Note: this guidance page is being re-written in view of recent law changes. Some provisions referred to may have been repealed. UKcorporator's incorporation process however remains perfectly valid and effectual.)

(public companies only)

A company registered as a public company on its original incorporation is prohibited from doing business or exercising any borrowing powers unless the Registrar of Companies has issued it with a certificate under section 117 of the Companies Act 1985 (or the company is re-registered as a private company). Furthermore, if the company was incorporated as a public company and remains as such, it is liable to be wound up by the court if it does not obtain the certificate within one year of its registration - section 122(1) of the Insolvency Act 1986.

The certificate is issued by the Registrar if the Registrar is satisfied that the public company fulfils the minimum share capital requirements. A copy of the Form 117, which is the Application by a Public Company for a Certificate to Commence Business, may be downloaded in PDF format by clicking where indicated under the heading 'Application by a public company for certificate to commence business' in the 'Resources' section of this website - see navigation bar above.

UKcorporator does not at present produce the filled in Form 117 (i.e. containing the specific details relevant to the company you are forming) however this may be done in a future upgrade of this site. (If it is intended to apply for the certificate, say, 6 months after registration of the company, the information applicable at that time, rather than at the time of registration, will obviously need to be inserted in the Form 117.)


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