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What UKcorporator's customers say about it

The following is a small selection of the numerous highly complimentary company formation comments regularly received by UKcorporator.

"Thank you for the Certificate of Incorporation and for your fantastic service. Before I used your company (and there are loads of other options on the website) I read many of the reviews from your customers and I have to say I endorse them all! I have incorporated a lot of companies in my younger days but have never done one with such ease, clarity and efficiency, without moving off my chair! I even have an authentication code to utilise Companies House webfiling service in the future. Congratulations on a super service and many thanks."

Sue Hipkin
18 March 2010

"I do not know how to thank you for the job well done. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends, acquaintances or anyone for that matter."

Levison Malanga
18 December 2009

"Thanks for the very satisfying experience. As this was my first company formation in the UK, I was a bit nervous to make mistakes, but your website offered clear guidance throughout and made me feel very comfortable during the process!"

Peter Wendorff
23 November 2009

"The instructions are simple and very helpful. Easy to navigate site. Telephone support helpful with query about a problem I had created."

Hazel Evans
8 September 2009

"Great system, easily the best company formation tool I've used."

Mel Russell
Hemingford Grey
1 September 2009

"I have set up two limited companies in the past three years and have used UKcorporator on both occasions. To say it was simple and hassle free would be an understatement. The entire process each time took me about 15 minutes and I used their electronic lodgement system to incorporate the company with Companies House. Again, this was very simple and I received my new company documents back very quickly. Excellent service and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any one who is about to start a new company."

Keith Sutherland
Buckland Dinham
28 August 2009

"As a first timer for doing a limited company, I chose your site because of the level of detail you put in there, step by step, and constant reassurance as to your credibility. Great job!"

C Grimes
6 August 2009

"Thank you very much for a great service - very impressive. I used the service because I had to set up a limited company fast and at low cost. I would recommend the service to anyone."

Bindy Shah
Bindyshahconsulting Ltd
Prenton, Merseyside
17 July 2009

"Never done this before but this was a simple, straight forward process."

Jonathan Jones
Swindon, Wiltshire
15 July 2009

"Thanks very much. I found this an excellent service and a great application. I will use you again."

Ronan Walsh
Sandyford, Dublin
13 July 2009

"Quick, simple, efficient and effective."

Sarah Kiss
Kiss Tree Management Limited
2 July 2009

"I am very impressed once again by UKcorporator and would recommend the service to anyone."

Justin Thomas
Bookham, Surrey
30 June 2009

"I found UKcorporator to be an excellent service and also very quick."

Pauline Kinyua
23 June 2009

"Excellent. I have found UKcorporator to be a fast and efficient way to form a company. I will definitely use you guys again."

Andrew McPherson
Clear Consulting Services Limited
Islington, London
22 May 2009

"Excellent. Fabulous and easy service to use. I will recommend it to my friends and colleagues."

John Tomany
Lomond Stores Limited
Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire
12 May 2009

"Many thanks - I have used UKcorporator before and once again it has been a speedy and efficient service, which is much appreciated."

Allun Thomas
Frame 10 Limited
27 February 2009

"Many thanks for your help. This was a very swift and easy process."

Anna Mannion
Original CutOuts Designs Ltd.
5 February 2009

"What a great website you've written - if only everything in life came with such complete, unambigious and effective instructions - well done!"

Mr Hussain
21 January 2009

"Very easy. Been in business 20 years, never done this before. Saved 700 pounds."

Mike Chung
Bury, Lancashire
30 October 2008

"Thank you very much for your excellent service."

Warren Wills
Easycook UK Limited
Barons Court, London
29 October 2008

"So I had been thinking of setting up a company for some time, but had been put off by all the form-filling and the need (so I thought) for documents to be signed in the presence of a solicitor etc. Nonetheless, I had taken a day off on Friday to get it all sorted. At about 9.30am I telephoned my solicitors to be told that there was nobody for me to speak to, but that someone would call me back and that it would cost in the region of £700. I began searching the web at about 10.00am, found the UKcorporator website and by 11.00am had done everything necessary to set up a company - I even received an email from UKcorporator confirming that my documents had been sent over to Companies House. (And no need for any involvement whatsoever from a solicitor etc.) I could hardly believe it and had to call the UKcorporator freephone helpline to check. The helpful staff at UKcorporator confirmed that it was all in order and I would receive my Certificate of Incorporation within a few hours, which I did."

John Grenville-Mathers
6 October 2008

"I feel sure that UKcorporator's easy to use 'step by step' website had not fully anticipated having to cope with a client who is far from well versed in using the internet.

However, via their back-up telephone service, they patiently guided me through the steps to a fast moving and successful incorporation.

Seriously impressed!"

Roger Goold
Wey House
15, Church Street
Weybridge, Surrey
12 September 2008

"I found your service, professional, fast, efficient and friendly."

James McNulty
Vallauris Golfe-Juan
1 August 2008

"I'm impressed with the UKcorporator website, and the way it was written and laid out. The legalese was kept to a minimum, the pagelinks all worked, and the algorithms behind it all seemed to work as well."

David Kimbell
Kimbell Applications Ltd
Yate, Bristol
26 July 2008

"You have a good, friendly, easy-to-use website that inspires confidence and provides your customers with excellent service. Well done, and thanks. I would recommend you to anyone wishing to start a limited company."

Ray Flahant
Bognor Regis
West Sussex
22 July 2008

"Good, clear instructions with plenty of information - I felt I was clear about what was being asked of me all the way through. Well done!"

Pauline E Randall
virtual-e Limited
Dunfermline, Fife
11 July 2008

"Your site is a gem - there are other providers offering the same basic functionality a little cheaper, but your service really proves that, ‘you get what you pay for’.

Your advice sections are clear and helpful, and I expect to refer to it frequently; your home page went straight onto my ‘bookmarks.’

I will have no hesitation in using you again, should my business grow or diversify and favour setting up further companies. I shall most certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues thinking of becoming self-employed.

Thank you again for making the whole process simple and painless."

Alex Croll
Senior Quantity Surveyor
Croll Consultancy Ltd.
22 May 2008

"Thank you for the painless and cost-effective company incorporation process. The site really has been well considered from the users’ perspective and it was also very reassuring to have real and very helpful people at the end of the telephone line to answer questions one just needs a bit of reassurance on. I will have no hesitation in recommending your service to others."

Susan Lee
28 April 2008

"Many thanks for such an excellent service all round. I’m very impressed and extremely grateful."

Dr Frances Green
24 April 2008

"Your Website was clear, incredibly easy to follow, and invaluable. It saved us so much time, and was less than a third of the price we had been quoted for an Accountant to register the Company for us. All communications from you were professional and courteous, straightforward and thorough. I cannot recommend you highly enough to others!"

Pauline Tremain
Herne Bay, Kent
28 March 2008

"This service is incredible - almost unbelievable. Fast, efficient, very clear steps completely free of ambiguity. This is excellent - well done!"

Solomon O. Nwhator
Manchester, Lancashire
27 February 2008

"Easy to use and very clear."

Kevin Hunt
Woodbridge, Suffolk
23 January 2008

"Incredibly useful and well developed site. Thanks."

Jamie Fraser
Repton, Derby
3 January 2008

"If you are setting up a limited company, look no further than here."

Sayoro Limited
78 York Street
London W1
7 December 2007

"Thank you for your fast and efficient service. Your website is user friendly and very well described. The notes and explanations accompanying the online forms were most helpful and easy to understand, and the online filing service with Companies House was well worth the fee. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to any prospective user."

Ken Allan
K J Accounting Services
28 May 2007

"Excellent - a straighforward, easy to use package that is undaunting to work through. Anyone embarking on the creation of a new company should know how effective your product is, in aiding the process."

Philip Tansley
Llantwit Major
Vale of Glamorgan
20 April 2007

"I must say - absolutely incredible customer service. Having explained our situation and timeframe, the company was delivered on time and exactly as required - no changes needed, unlike off-the-shelf companies. Would recommend your services to anyone!"

Tim Fenn
Great Yarmouth
11 April 2007

"The service I have received from UKcorporator has been absolutely excellent. Any query I had was dealt with immediately and in a friendly and professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any other new business."

Louisa Dare
5 April 2007

"Many thanks to UKcorporator - you have made what was quite daunting very simple and I am very grateful."

Helen Foster
28 March 2007

"UKcorporator is a great value service. When I needed additional help the UKcorporator freephone helpline was brilliant!"

Chris Brown
Brown Bear Media Limited
Windsor, Berkshire
28 March 2007

"Over the last six years I've helped a few people set up their limited companies using on-line services, and I believe that yours is the easiest to use and fastest service available - completing the process from initial inquiry to receiving the certificate of incorporation from Companies House in 24 hours. Also, your help and responsiveness by phone was first class. I have no hesitation in recommending UKcorporator to anyone wanting their own limited company."

Robert Sherratt
Chartered Engineer, MIEE
21 March 2007

"UKcorporator provided us with a very quick and reliable service; I never would have thought opening a company could be so easy and quick. The Q&A is very easy to fill and follow and explains the questions in great detail. Also the electronic lodgement option saved me the trouble of looking for a solicitor to witness the signature [on the Form 12]."

Guo Hua Han
Bradford West, Yorkshire
15 March 2007

"Excellent. Smooth system . . . everything explained in plain English. SUPERB!"

Glenn Minnikin
East Boldon
Tyne and Wear
12 March 2007

"The service was very straightforward and I would recommend it to others."

Dr Roger Smith
Chipping Preston
30 January 2007

"Many thanks for all your help with the setting up of the new company. The service provided is easy to use, expedient and extremely professional."

Robert Hudson
Managing Director
R Hudson Consultants Limited
Sheffield, Derbyshire
20 December 2006

"Excellent service, many thanks."

Jeremy Nicholson
14 December 2006

"Excellent service. Very cooperative and helpful over the phone too."

Iain Stevenson
1 December 2006

"Excellent - great service!"

Hugh Miles
21 November 2006

"An excellent website; comprehensive, easy to use and flexible. The best I've used. UKcorporator makes setting up a company a completely no hassle operation. The service is outstanding. I will have no hesitation in recommending it."

Nick Harris
Chipping Campden
1 November 2006

"I can't believe how straight forward the whole process was - well worth the money. I used the electronic lodgement service and received my incorporation certificate very promptly. I'm very happy with the service provided - it was a job I was putting off but it was made very easy indeed."

Maria Colleran
Widnes, Cheshire
2 October 2006

"Thank you - this service is well over and above the norm. I am very grateful."

Peter Murray
Ilfracombe, Devon
20 September 2006

"UKcorporator was really easy and convenient - much better than having to make appointments with accountants/solicitors or trying to obtain the information from a book. Well worth the money!"

Dawn Longfield
29 August 2006

"An excellent website - so simple it's mind-blowing!"

David Thorp
Wyesham, Monmouth
18 August 2006

"Great service! I've used UKcorporator six times now and find it excellent."

Michael Gray
7 July 2006

"Thank you very much. I appreciate the service you have provided and will be happy to recommend you to others."

Nithianandan Balagopalan
16 June 2006

"I recently used your site to form my company. I am a very happy customer - you provide an excellent service. It was so easy to use and the turnaround was very fast!"

Maureen Uslick
Columbus, Ohio
10 June 2006

"For anyone wanting a simple, easy way to register your company, UKcorporator is the way to do it. It was very quick, easy to navigate and I was surprised at how simple it was. Excellent - I would recommend to anyone."

Hannah Hurley
County Durham
18 May 2006

"Many thanks for your service in assisting with the incorporation of my company. The process was very smooth and was completed promptly. Well worth the money."

Jonathan Smith
Director, Aiteo Consulting Limited
Tonbridge, Kent
5 May 2006

"The site was brilliant. It explained every step, with help in case you weren't sure. Everything worked efficiently and quickly. I was really impressed."

Debbie Cole
6 April 2006

"A very professional service. Efficient and money well spent. Thank you."

Kevin Tomasetti
East Sussex
27 March 2006

"The service was very effective, clear and simple to use. The support line was free and available and the member of staff knew what he was talking about. I would definitely recommend and use again!"

Duane Bryan
Stretford, Manchester
11 March 2006

"Excellent site, easy to navigate and understand. It took me less than 30 minutes to go through the processes, paid with my credit card and incorporation details sent electronically to me very promptly! I highly recommend this site to anyone."

Nicholas Goh
Verztec Consulting Limited
24 February 2006

"May I congratulate you on a truly painless and highly useful service. Well worth the money."

Mark Duff
Imaginitive Solutions Limited
Coventry West Midlands
13 February 2006

"As a retired solicitor, your incorporation system is fantastic, and really easy to use, with excellently clear guidance where required - well done indeed. Much simpler that the old manual days of shelf companies!"

Stephen Barber
Solicitor (non-practising)
Furry Creek, BC
10 February 2006

"An excellent service - many thanks. What could have been a difficult and long journey has been made very easy!"

Nicholas Vernon-Smith
Camberley, Surrey
8 February 2006

"UKcorporator provides very high quality and very quick service to aspiring businessmen and thus promotes business growth in the UK. The questions are answered courteously, and the emails are responded to around the clock. I filed my application early in the morning and received the registration the next day, at minimal cost. Best wishes to this company."

Rad Kadengal
Chartered Engineer
Harlow, Essex
7 February 2006

"A very good service. It made the process simple and cost a fraction of what my accountant wanted to charge."

Paul Mantle
Chaortek Limited
25 January 2006

"Fantastic system - great support and very easy to use!"

William Grafton
18 January 2006

"This has to be one of the best online services ever. There is no sensible alternative. Throughout the whole process I really felt as though I had an expert at my side, guiding me through what would otherwise have been a labyrinth of legal-speak spaghetti."

Nigel Hildred
Aspire Business Coaching Ltd
11 January 2006

"Fantastic - I was scared to start with, but UKcorporator made it so very simple and now I'm registered and everything!."

Sarah Lilly
North Somerset
10 January 2006

"We were extremely impressed with how easy it was to complete the online forms and the speed at which the company was formed once we'd agreed to use your electronic lodgment service.

This is a fantastic service, we wouldn't have known where to start had we done this ourselves, thank you very much!"

Steven Plant and Lee Sykes
Krypton Security Systems Limited
South Yorkshire
22 December 2005

"Thank you for all your help. It was easy to form a company using your site. The information on the site is excellent. Thanks again."

Joanna Lowndes
Salisbury, Wiltshire,
18 October 2005

"The UKcorporator website was superb. With the comprehensive help text and straightforward easy to use online Q&A, it made setting up our Company a hassle-free process. I decided to use the Electronic Lodgement Option and received the Certificate of Incorporation within two days. So easy to use and such good value too!"

Terri Ward
Charlton Down, Dorchester,
23 September 2005

"Having no prior knowledge about company formation, using UKcorporator's online tool, I was able to form my company simply, quickly and, most importantly, with the confidence that came from knowing that I had considered all the relevant options, thanks to the extensive, context sensitive, help text provided. The service is rapid, yet personal, and following receipt of my documents, UKcorporator has enabled me to lodge the required documents electronically at Companies House. Great system and great service!"

Mr Tony Griffin
Somerset, UK
6 September 2005

"Thanks for your great service. It made what seemed very complicated much more simple. Thanks again."

Debra Verity
26 August 2005

"This has been the simplest of set-ups ever. What a great service! Feel free to use my comment in your endorsements."

Paul K. Watson
Balfron, Glasgow
17 August 2005

"I am a first time contractor and did not know where to start. I found your service extremely informative and easy to use. Cost was very competitive and speed excellent! I would gladly recommend your service to anyone venturing into the world of setting up their own business."

Tanya Anderson
Shawlands, Glasgow
16 August 2005

"As a complete novice as to how to set up a company, I found the UKcorporator site extremely informative, easy to understand and simple to use. The result was that I have formed my company easily, inexpensively and stress free!"

Terry Gibson
Camberley, Surrey,
1 July 2005

"I would like to thank UKcorporator for their speed and efficiency in connection with the registration of my company. I can assure you that I will recommend your service to my friends."

Seyed Bagher-Nejad
Moorend House, Moor End Lane,
Dewsbury WF13 4QQ
29 June 2005

"I did a 'dummy run' first to see what the application process entailed, but to be honest I could just as easily have sat down and let the system take me through from cold - the system is that straightforward and intuitive. Good system."

Simon Pimblett
26 May 2005

"Onside Law recommends the incorporation of companies through UKcorporator. The service is quick, easy to use, good value and supported by useful background information on relevant aspects of the law."

Simon Thorp
Onside Law
25 May 2005

"UKcorporator has to be my web site of the year. My solicitor wanted £500 to set up a company. UKcorporator did it for less than a tenth of that, in minutes, and the clarity and simplicity with which it negotiated a complex bureaucratic task is almost miraculous. Thank you very much."

Tim de Ferrars
6 April 2005

"I just today received our company's Certificate of Incorporation, and I couldn't have done it without UKcorporator. The online process was simple and easy-to-use, and the telephone customer support was excellent. They answered my questions quickly and helped me understand the whole process that finally led me to a speedy and successful registration. I will definitely use UKcorporator again and recommend it to my friends."

Peter Stepman
31 March 2005

"Being almost computer illiterate at 85 years of age, I was most impressed with the friendly online guidance to see me through to the benefit of the other residents here wanting to form their own company. Refreshing to find such excellent service at very reasonable cost."

John Morris
3 March 2005

"Back in the Dark Ages (1999), I would have spent a significant amount of time and money to set up a company. But now I have UKcorporator: an excellent implementation of technology."

Bob Burgher
Champion Hill, London
16 January 2005

"A truly superb facility using crystal clear plain English allowing me to cut right through the red tape and set up and get my new company registered essentially from my own desk."

Iain MacKenzie
20 October 2004

"Excellent service. I received my documents quickly and will be buying again! Thank you."

Bashir Abokar Ali
13 October 2004

"Excellent. Very user friendly. Helps simplify the process of the unknown."

Joyce V. Bradley
Culver City
USA 90203
24 September 2004

"I'd like to say that I'm very impressed with the site and how easy (and yet comprehensive) the site is to use to get the relevant documents created. Simple, clean, and easy to navigate and work out what's going on - far better than a lot of your competitors, and far more informative. I feel that by using your site I have learnt a lot more about the intricacies and specifics than I would have done elsewhere - very good value for money and superb service in dealing with the problem that I encountered."

Darrell Ottery
Reading, Berkshire
20 September 2004

"The site was quick and easy to use. I live in a peripheral area and UKcorporator enabled me to complete in a couple of hours what would normally have taken several frustrating days."

Susan Roberts
North Wales
9 September 2004

"Makes a difficult process simple with loads of information available - also the support received via email was very good."

Tim Mazdon
Bury, Lancashire
28 July 2004

"You were a great help - very efficient, professional and reliable. I would recommend you any time. Thanks UKcorporator!"

Elizabeth Gordon
Mitcham, Surrey
2 July 2004

"I found the site well structured and easy to use. The design is great, particularly with reassuring explanations every step of the way in the processing cycle. No goobledygook - just simple plain English.

Well done!"

Vaughan Watson
2 June 2004

"An excellent service - I found the system extremely easy to use, and very informative at each stage."

Martyn Higgins
Milton Keynes
4 March 2004

"Thank you for your swift reply, it is most appreciated and reassuring to know the back-up support is as excellent as the process of incorporating a company itself via your website

I would like to congratulate you on putting together a first class incorporation program. You have accounted for every detail from the points for consideration to the multifarious options that are available and put them together in an efficient and usable package. All this backed up with the most comprehensive set of guidance notes I have seen which can be accessed in readable chunks if required. It doesn't stop when the process is over, you have investigated every possible pc problem that can arise and detailed the remedy from every angle. Exceptional!

I am delighted with my experience with and would recommend it to anyone, experienced or otherwise."

Philip Archer
Locks Heath Southampton
2 March 2004

"I would like to take this opportunity to applaud for a user friendly website and excellent follow-up customer service."

Barry Anderson
8 February 2004

"I found the process of selecting options for forming my company straightforward and easy to follow. On-screen help is clear and informative and the helpline works well. The final documentation is comprehensive and professional."

Peter Graves
Holgate, York
27 January 2004

"Thank you, this is a great website - I will be recommending it to all and sundry. I found the site very simple to use."

Ms. Shahida Siddique
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
26 January 2004

"Many thanks for your swift response to my recent telephone call for support. I continue to find UKcorporator an excellent service, and will recommend it to my friends and colleagues."

D. Coulling
20 November 2003

"I found the website to be excellent. It was very easy to understand and extremely efficient."

Julie Nicholls
Church Crookham Fleet
10 November 2003

"I am delighted with the entire process of registering my company using UKcorporator. The web site is very well designed and efficient and any queries are promptly and effectively handled using the 0800 service. Thoroughly recommended."

Keith Fry
Southampton Hampshire
6 November 2003

"Excellent concept with great execution. The tips along the way are particularly useful."

John Odam-Adjei
14 October 2003

"Great site! So much easier than trying to navigate through all the jargon on the Companies House website."

Catherine Hamilton
De Morgan Road
London SW6 2RP
13 October 2003

"The site was excellent. I was really impressed with the service. It was nice to have a voice on the other end of the phone to help me through some aspects which I wasn't familiar with. Thanks!"

Hollie Murtha
4 October 2003

"I found UKcorporator very straightforward to use. I particularly liked the way that a few sentences of guidance was presented on each page so that you don't have to click through onto a separate help page. This speeds up the process. If you do need further help, the separate help pages are very good.

The quality of the presented documentation was excellent; the checklist and the document submission instructions were an unexpected and very welcome bonus."

Mark Ashworth
Stratford upon Avon
2 September 2003

"I recently used the UKcorporator Website to set up a limited company, and as it was the first time I had done such a thing without the aid of an accountant I have to honestly say the whole process was as seamless as it was painless. The questions were asked in a straightforward way, and even when faced with the inevitable one that required more than a "yes or no" answer, the associated help texts were comprehensive.

I had cause to use the email support line when I realised I needed to incorporate my company using a different class of shares to my initial inputs, and the replies were swift and very helpful.

For ease of use, in-depth explanations of each and every point and support that is second to none in my experience I would recommend UKcorporator to anyone wanting to cut down the costs of starting up a company."

David Thomas
9 July 2003

"I found the website very easy to use to provide a professional set of documents to enable me to form a limited company here in England. I was able to visit Companies House in Birmingham the next morning and obtain registration within 45 minutes (using the same day service) with the confidence that I had all the correctly completed documentation."

Richard GS Oldershaw
Finance Director - Cartori Ltd
Design & Print of Exhibition Display Graphics
Tel: 01926 335333
Fax: 01926 335336
7 June 2003

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for all the help and advice you gave in incorporating Micro Design UK which was successfully registered on the 30th May 2003.

As you may be aware starting a new company can be a very busy and daunting period. There seem to be so many forms and procedures to register a new company with different departments and Incorporation is just one of these.

Fortunately, after a brief search on the internet, I came across your website which gave a clear and precise step by step guide to setting up a new company's documentation and registering with Companies House. The website is professionally presented with every step of the process containing useful help pages which were invaluable in choosing the correct options for the type of company I wanted to create.

I was pleasantly surprised that all of the forms were instantly e-mailed to me after the last procedure as opposed to wasting time in the post.

Again thank you for your genuine support and we wish UKcorporator all the best in the future."

Steve Kelly
uDesign UK
OL12 7PR
TEL: 01706 750169
MOBILE: 07932 667582
7 June 2003

"Having never set up a limited company before I was bewildered and confused by the different websites I visited. I had reached the point of instructing my accountant to do the job for me at a cost of £200 plus VAT when I discovered the UKcorporator website. I found the screens easy to understand and when I did make a mistake the help line dealt with my problem quickly and efficiently. I would recommend anyone to use this service."

Lawrence Ward
Beresford Ward Estate Agents (Plymouth, UK)
5 June 2003

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