Registered office and principal office

(Note: this page is currently being re-written in view of recent law changes. Some of the information here may no longer be current. UKcorporator's incorporation process however remains perfectly valid and effectual and complies with current law.)

A company incorporated in the United Kingdom is at all times to maintain a registered office 'to which all communications and notices may be addressed' - section 287 of the Companies Act 1985. There is no requirement also to maintain a 'principal office' and indeed the Act does not define the term 'principal office'. It appears from case law, however, that the term 'principal office' means a place where the business of a body corporate is managed and controlled as a whole - cased referred to in Halsbury's Statutes of England and Wales, 4th ed., Vol 8, 1999 Reissue at page 366.

It is quite permissible for a director of the proposed new company to be a foreign company, i.e. incorporated elsewhere than in England, Wales or Scotland. In such a case, the registered or principal office of the proposed director is of course likely to be in a foreign country.
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