What documents do I receive?

UKcorporator will automatically generate, and electronically deliver, all of the legally required documents for incorporation of the proposed company, and all other documents which are legally required immediately following the incorporation of the company. (The documents will be duly filled out and only require the insertion of some dates and signatures so as to make them complete for the company's record purposes. No signatures are however required to achieve incorporation of the company, as this is done electronically on your behalf by UKcorporator.)

The documents are as follows:

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Association of Association*
  • Register of Members
  • Register of Directors
  • Register of Directors' Residential Addresses
  • Register of Secretaries
  • Register of Charges
  • Share Certificates
In addition, you will receive the following document once it issues from Companies House:

  • Certificate of Incorporation

Other documents are available free of charge via the Resources section of the website (e.g. specimen minutes of first meeting of directors).

You will also receive clear and concise instructions about what you should do with the documents e.g. which to sign and where to sign, etc.

Please note that in programming UKcorporator, the determination as to which documents are legally required and which are not, was made (and continues to be reviewed) by experienced former practising solicitors (see FAQ Who wrote UKcorporator?) based on the UK companies legislation as it currently stands. These solicitors have not included documents simply on the basis that various company formation agents continue to provide them.

*This is provided via a link in the Resources section of this website and is also available free of charge from Companies House.
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